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Massage & Body Treatments

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Body treatments are designed not only to encourage rejuvenation and longevity but to cleanse, detoxify and nourish the skin. Our wide selection of treatments will meet your most specific needs. Enjoy the experience more,  bring along your family and friends to share.

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Jekyll Spa uses an array of spa products including, FarmHouse Fresh Goods proudly voted by spas, hotels and resorts as their Favorite Body Care Line, selected through American Spa Magazine's Professional's Choice Awards.  The Organic Collection received Day Spa Magazine's Professional's Choice Award for Favorite Organic Collection. We offer the most distinctive selection of spa treatments inspired by land & sea, with a  team of estheticians, massage therapists, and international trainers who bring an ever-changing fresh menu. 

Massage & Body Treatments


*Massage *Wrap *Body Treatment


BEST ENJOYED: Sunny side up 

THE MOOD: Add a dash of honey

EXPERIENCE:  After a thorough dry brushing exfoliation technique  to release dead,  dry skin cells and minimize the appearance of  cellulite, you’ll delve  into pure relaxation and be released from  tension as you are massaged deeply with a nourishing oil made  with certified organic sunflower seed oil, scented with notes of cherry and coconut milk. Feet and hands  enjoy an added bonus as  they are painted in a golden honey glaze serum – made of certified organic honey, sunflower seed oil and coconut oil –next cocooned in a steaming towel wrap.  50 Minutes $145 Add-on 10 Minutes $25


*Massage *Wrap *Body Treatment

BEST ENJOYED: Slowly sipped and savored   

THE MOOD: Lost in wine country   

EXPERIENCE: Drift away as we treat your skin to a super serum  made with resveratrol from winery grapes, healing organic gotu  kola extract, and green tea’s full of abundant antioxidants. Following  this antioxidant infusion, you’ll relax into a Blushing Agave Oil full  body massage with organic sunflower seed oil and blue agave leaf  extract. Ending with a  Wine Down warm towel soak. This is a trip you’ll want to take again and again. 50 Minute Treatment $145 Add-0n 10 minutes $25


*Massage *Wrap *Body Treatment

BEST ENJOYED: Sunshine ready    

THE MOOD: Put the lime in the coconut    

EXPERIENCE: A steamy towel wrap of custom made mineral, essential  oil and salt blends calms and detoxes… breathe deeply! Followed by a sunny coconut,  rum and lime infused body milk massage deeply hydrates as it  smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and nourishes your skin. 50 Minutes $145  Add-on 10 minutes $25


Seaside Suds Luxe Lather Treatment    

BEST ENJOYED: Seaside break   

THE MOOD: The seaside life is for me.   EXPERIENCE: Time for a juicy bubble break! A hydrating, whipped butter sweet cream covers every inch of skin, you’ll bask in a super hydrating active relief foam whip that provides moisture to parched skin, while also taking the edge off any sunburn discomfort. If the notes of coconut and Bartlett pears don’t drift you to the edge, the calming chamomile and green tea extracts will! This tropical oasis includes a coconut, lemon and lime kneading massage, followed by a seaside bubble masking & warm towel soak.  50 Minute Treatment $145

*Massage *Wrap *Body Treatment


BEST ENJOYED: With your cherished gal pals
THE MOOD: Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month
EXPERIENCE: Inhale deeply while a steaming coconut  oil and vitamin E  soak nestles skin as this intoxicating body treatment  begins. A  spirited scrub blended with Georgia-grown muscadine grapes and  Texas  moonshine buffs til shoulders, arms and legs gleam in juiciness!  Finish  with a vitamin E-rich, shea butter massage with sweetly feminine,   fresh floral fragrant notes. Cheers! Body Polish & Massage &  Soak 60 Minutes $165 

*Massage *Wrap *Body Treatment


Rescue Me Cactus Toning Treatment 

BEST ENJOYED: As an escape from the ordinary.

THE MOOD: Serene. Dreamy. Whichever hits first. 

EXPERIENCE:  A warm, aromatic getaway that takes you through  fields of citrus  smoothness, into a firming cactus wrap that feels  more plumping than  prickly. After a nest of cozy warming effect,  you’ll feel light and  woozy - without ever drinking the sweet Agave  Nectar.  Hydration Body  Massage to warm and open the pores for the Toning Wrap.  60 Minute  Massage / Body Treatment $165

*Massage *Wrap *Body Treatment


bourbon-marshmallow-butter massage.jpg

BEST ENJOYED: Floating on top THE MOOD: Fluffy good times EXPERIENCE: Pull up a seat! Billowy softness and sweet liquor combine in this spa treatment! First, a nectar whole milk and chicory root wrap envelops skin in hydrating proteins. Next, a spiked back exfoliation with rice bran oil, pecan-whiskey and brown sugar. Finally, a hot marshmallow butter is drizzled over feet and legs, then massaged over calves, toes, and heels - leaving no inch untouched with buttery goodness. 50 Min $155 add 10 min. $25

*Massage *Wrap *Back Scrub *Body Treatment


BEST ENJOYED: Dessert first EXPERIENCE: One decadent massage that’s reminiscent of delicious desserts past! This gentle kneading is a blend from a delicious body oil lightly scented with warm notes of Madagascar vanilla and a dash of Texas distilled bourbon. Skin drinks in the jojoba seed oil and cocoa seed butter – adding the hydration factor into this massage and some pizzazz to skin’s glimmer. 50 Min. $145

*Massage *Body Treatment


BEST ENJOYED: On a staycation 

THE MOOD: Anchors away EXPERIENCE: Set your senses sailing with this luscious treatment beginning with a gentle Green Tea Milk Wash. Tighten, calm and nourish your complexion with a Tea Cucumber Buffing Mask Powder infused with vitamins A, B, C & D, whole milks and French green clay. Next, an organic rice extract and probiotic mask helps reduce and calm complexion to prep skin for a steamed coconut milk towel compress that seals in softness. Your treatment fi nishes with a brightening peptide serum and tightening Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer application. Even the eyes say bon voyage to tired skin with an advanced peptide application! 50 min $145 add 10 minutes to your massage time $25

Facial & Head, Neck Shoulder Massage

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Bubbling super hydrator mask that nourishes skin with skin-feeding super antioxidants. Its been called "Bubble bath on the table" applied to the upper body. $25 (full body bubble masking add-on $45)


Sundae Best Chocolate CoQ10 mask + Spotted Leaving Serum evens & brightens décolleté' $20


Agave Nectar Oil hair & scalp treatment + scalp massage $15 


 Warm Agave Nectar Oil + Honey Heel Glaze for an instant moisture wrap. $20


Dry brush + Pajama Paste mask (Foot Facial Mask) + Shea Butter application $20


Sweet Cream Sea Salt Foot Scrub + Honey Heel Glaze moisture serum application + steaming foot wrap $35


Hands, feet, neck and shoulders receive a warm drizzle of melted Marshmallow Melt Balm + Massage $35


5 min seasonal back scrub treatment after massage. Gentlemen’s favorite! $15


Double Moisturizer application with cool towel compress. Upper body treatment $15


One Fine Day Shea Sugar lip exfoliation + Marshmallow Melt Balm application $15

Service Charge

An on location convenience fee of 20% will be added to all services. For exceptional service gratuity may be added or given at the time of service.