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Hand & Foot Treatments


 BEST  ENJOYED:As a comforting and indulgent escape

THE MOOD: Sweet, sweet  serenity

EXPERIENCE: This decadent body treatment begins with a Whipped Honey fine sea salt scrub smoothes rough areas, stimulating your skin’s   renewal. Next, skin is painted with a hot honey hydrating glaze full  of  live papaya and pineapple fruit cells, and soothing aloe. All this  is nestled  in with a wholesome whole milk wrap, as skin drinks in the  nutrients.  The delicious finale to this divine experience includes a  light massage  with a rich blend of buttermilk, coconut milk and a  steeped infusion of  organic lavender flowers. Hand Renewal & Foot  Renewal $125 


BEST ENJOYED: Dreaming of your next vacation 

THE MOOD: In need of Vitamin Sea  

EXPERIENCE:  Break away from the day and escape into a luxurious mineral sea salt  bath soak. Calming and rejuvenating, sea salts help pull  toxins out of  the body while enhancing your natural skin tone. Relaxed  skin is  exfoliated thoroughly with a shea butter sugar scrub, followed by  an  application of rich and creamy coconut and pineapple shea butter. It   will hydrate even the driest and flakiest of skin for hours, and with  notes  of white coconut and pineapple, will leave you dreaming of ocean  waves  and freshly squeezed drinks. Hand & Foot Treatment  $125

Service Charge

An on location convenience fee of 20% will be added to all services. For exceptional service gratuity may be added or given at the time of service.