Summer Treatments

Brighter Days are coming!

Awaken With New Summer Brightening Treatments! 

Summer Facials!


EXPERIENCE: A citrus reset for the face! We begin by cleansing complexion with a foaming gel, made with a blend of micro kale extract and Hi-Bio ® hemp oil so crisp, so fresh! Next, an alcohol-free toner made with red leaf lettuce extract replenishes with vitamins A & K. All rough and dead patches are buffed away with a plantfoliant ® to reveal the silkiest you yet. Give skin a good glow with a vitamin C and chamomile mask called Mighty Brighty TM! This facial ends with an application of a vitamin-enhanced illuminating serum, followed by a silky gelée hydrator, chock full
of vitamin C! 40 Minutes $135


EXPERIENCE: Turn back time! A minty fresh gel wash cleanser washes away excess oils and bacteria to
reveal a clean slate! A spritz of an alcohol-free berry tonic refreshes. Next, a natural plant-based exfoliator called renews and unveils silky smooth skin underneath. Let the feel of firm takeover when a chamomile &
watercress extract mask tightens—with vitamins A & K to help alleviate the look of fine lines! Any dark spots become a thing of the past with an application
of Eternal LightTM, a vitamin-enhanced illuminating serum. Next, a whipped facial mousse made with a blend of advanced peptides and retinol combats
wrinkles. 45 Minutes $135

Massage & Body Treatments


EXPERIENCE: Skin in search of its long lost glow?
We’ve found it with this body wrap! Begin with a
nourishing, vitamin E soak that softens skin for a spirited
exfoliation with moonshine and Georgia muscadine
grapes. Next, you’re nestled into a resveratrol wrap
to reverse the hands of time and smooth over the look
of fine lines. Finish with an organic cucumber extract
shea butter to nourish and hydrate. 60 Minute $165


EXPERIENCE: A fruity soak with notes of fresh
watermelon fill your treatment room as skin drinks in
the vitamin E and coconut oil nourishment. Now, let a
juicy exfoliation with watermelon seed oil renew skin
to its softest state. Next, arms, legs and neck bask
in a prickly pear Cactus Toning Gel that improves
skin’s elasticity—helping firm the surface! Cap off
this detox with a hydrating shea butter application.
Soft notes of lemongrass and green melon are left in
its wake. Here’s to you! 60 Minutes $165


EXPERIENCE: An irresistibly softening shea butter and sugar exfoliator buffs the skin to smooth perfection as scents of coconut & lemon fill the air. After the coconut body buff you will enjoy a hydration massage with organic coconut oil & shea butter scented with coconut and pineapple. You will be ready to face the world feeling like you journeyed to a tropical paradise. Tropical Body Buff, 60 Minutes $165


EST ENJOYED: Brighten up! THE MOOD: Soft like velvet EXPERIENCE: A kneading so silky, skin will beg for a second helping! We begin by nestling arms and legs in a squalane and hyaluronic gelée cocoon. Formulated to brighten skin tone and hydrate, this blend with lycopenerich watermelon extract seriously softens! Stiff muscles are then kneaded using effleurage strokes with a light-as-afeather body mousse. Let juicy notes of watermelon dazzle and delight as this body treatment comes to an end. 60 Minute $165

Happy Hour.jpg
Happy Hour 

Massage and Facial. A luxurious full body massage helps relax and relieve general tension,
followed by a facial that will exfoliate and hydrate with a combination of powerful ingredients.


Scrub, Wrap and Massage. Hydrate and pamper the skin with an exfoliating scrub (hands ,back & feet), followed by a nourishing body wrap and full body massage. 

Massage and Foot Treatment. A luxurious full body massage helps relax and relieve general tension,
followed by a soothing foot treatment.


Facial and Foot Treatment. A facial will exfoliate and hydrate the skin with a combination of powerful
ingredients, followed by a soothing foot treatment. 

Choose a Happy Hour treatment. 60 minutes, $165 per person. add nail treatment & polish to the foot treatment, $35 per person. 

25 Minute Spa Favorites



Lavender & Berries Yogurt Relaxation Soother Facial

Berries & Bubbly Hand & Foot Treatment (Soak, Scrub, Massage)

Berries & Bubbly Massage (Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back)

The Berry Essentials Upper Body Polish (back scrub, mask,  massage)


BOURBON & BUBBLY Co-ed & Men Inspired  

Bourbon & Banana Facial

Bourbon & Bubbly Hand & Foot Treatment (Soak, Scrub, Massage)

Bourbon & Bubbly Massage (Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back)

Bourbon or Berry Essentials Upper Body Polish (back scrub, mask,  massage)

Choose two 25 Minute Treatment  $145, Add a third 25 Minute Treatment for $45


Unwind with Agave Massage, targeting head, hands and feet designed to awaken all senses. (Head, Hands & Feet)

Full body treatment 60 MIN. $145 

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